• TMV 1

    Terrestrial monitoring

  • 20150921 3

    Autonomous navigation underwater

  • TSV 23

    Mobility in difficult terrain

  • 20150921 6

    Sea floor monitoring and exploration

  • TMV 18

    Autonomous navigation in difficult terrain

  • 20150921 2

    Autonomous navigation underwater

  • TSV 28

    Mobility in difficult terrain

  • TMV 8

    Terrestrial exploration and map building

Ground Truth Robotics offers innovative technology for robotic solutions

Robotic systems by Ground Truth Robotics tackle relevant problems e.g. surveillance and monitoring offshore sites above and underwater.

Based on the world class research of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence the systems of Ground Truth Robotics offer autonomous navigation, map building in unknown environments, intelligent sensor fusion based on local pre-processing, superior locomotion abilites in difficult terrain and 3D reconstruction of multi sensor images.